For the health care field, change has been unremitting in recent years: new treatments and technologies, new services and facilities, new competition and pressures to contain costs, new government rules and regulations. Those health care providers who have embraced change have progressed. The others have witnessed a steady erosion of financial strength and market share.

Citadel Group is a diversified organization with a core group of assets concentrated in healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Citadel Group’s oldest and largest line of business develops and invests in medical real estate.

Citadel Group is the largest developer of and investor in ambulatory medical real estate with over $7 billion in historical volume. Citadel and its subsidiaries maintains a superior credit rating in the capital markets of A1/AA by Standard & Poor’s.

We feel there are two important points regarding staffing which bear mentioning:

1) Project development and acquisition of medical buildings are our firm’s primary businesses and even the newest members of our firm have participated in the multiple medical building investments; and

2) David Varwig has personally been involved, to varying extents, in every project our firm has ever funded. He will take direct senior management responsibility for your project.

Citadel is privately held with majority ownership by management.

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